Recent Submissions

  • Larval fish identification guide for the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand. 

    Unknown author (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2008)
    The Indo-west Pacific has long been recognised as the global centre of shallw water marine biological diversity and the South China Sea. Which is located at the centre os this marine biological realm, therefore represents ...
  • Early stages of marine fishes in Southeast Asian Region 

    Konishi, Yoshinobu; Chayakul, Rangsan; Chamchang, Chongkolnee; Duangdee, Teerapong (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2012-12)
    The production of marine capture fisheries in the Southeast Asian region in 2007 was 12.4 million tons occupying 19% of the world production. Apparently, the fisheries including its processing products have been a very ...
  • Eggs and Larvae Survey with Emphasis on Early Life History of Marine Fish Resources 

    Hayase, Shigeo (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 1982-07)
    One of the current concerns of fisheries biology is to clarify the reason for annual fluctuations in fish populations. The ability of a population to replace itself is determined by the age structure, growth and fecundity ...