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dc.description.abstractConsideration of the geographic features in the Southeast Asia Waters, more than 50% of the sea areas are identified as deep sea whereas utilization of those resources have not been initiated yet. This is due to lack of information on the species composition and how potential of the resources. In addition, it is clear that research vessel of deep sea survey seems to be one of the main factors that many countries in the region are facing. Not many research vessels in the region can conduct the deep sea resources survey due to the lack facilities, scientific instruments, type of fishing gear for fish sampling, and expertise. To encourage the SEAFDEC member countries to initiate on the deep sea resources exploration in their EEZ waters, therefore, investigation on the potential fisheries resources in the deep sea areas were commence.en
dc.publisherSoutheast Asian Fisheries Development Center / Training Departmenten
dc.subjectFishery Resourcesen
dc.subjectM/V DA-BFARen
dc.titleThe Preliminary Report on Fishery Resources Exploration on the Continental Slopes in the Lingayen Gulf, the Philippinesen

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